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Bottle Shop Concepts is an event-based company focused on creating fun, engaging and meaningful events around our favourite thing, alcohol (especially wine). We deliberately steer clear of traditional wine marketing methods and look to other industries for inspiration on how to engage our audience, such as music festivals and cult TV shows. We look to democratise wine and help educate our audience in the same way in which they consume it, socially. We aim to facilitate a conversation about wine (rather than a lecture) and do so as a peer rather than the far too commonly used approach of ‘teacher to student’ master class format. We take the wank out of wine.

Dan Sims


Jade Mayhew

Project Manager

Tasting Notes

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  • 0000media reach for 2014
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Our Services

For all intents and purposes, we are not a bottle shop.
We create, facilitate, manage and present concepts that evolve around our first love: alcohol.
We only have one rule: Make it fun and engaging.


We extract the (sometimes) ridiculous ideas from our heads and make them a reality.

  • Pinot Palooza
  • Game of Rhones
  • Wine Day Out
  • Gauchito Gil


We make sure everything works. Can’t fly by the seat of our pants if the ideas are already fantastical.

  • Logistics
  • Touring
  • Sales
  • Marketing


Work with us! We’re willing to do anything within reason (food, spirits, varietal challenges). No handies.

  • Your Concepts
  • What
  • You
  • Want

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